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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Few Words About Teaching - Poem

A Few Words About Teaching
 By Ms. Landon

The first thing I learned about teaching is that a teacher’s work is never done.
Don’t even think about entering this business, unless teaching is your passion.
My job description includes mentor, encourager, motivator, and instructor.
My mind is always inundated with thoughts of progress, success, and failure.
I am expected to plan engaging lessons and to grade papers all the time.
I must concentrate on every student because no child can be left behind.
My college degree prepared me for the content of my lessons,
But nothing could have prepared me to deal with all my gremlins.
Everyone tells me to keep a straight face. Put your students in their place.
Sit down! Turn around! Pay attention! Do you really want me to send you to detention?
Man challenges, zip ties, y’all and you guys -- working with juniors is always a surprise. 
There are so many distractions and disruptions that occur in my room.
I need a remote, so I can push pause or rewind and then resume.
My door opens on its own. Someone is always calling my phone.
When I go outside to talk, I know my door will be locked.
Someone drew on my board, stole my clicker, and my screen is upside down.
All I can do is fix the problem and convey my disappointment with a frown.
I am nicknamed L-dog, shoved in the hall, and voted home coming queen.
I guess that’s what happens when you look like you are only eighteen.
I remind my students that I am older than I look and younger than I act.
My students just tell me crazy things just to see how I will react.
 I am rendered speechless at least once a day.
It’s a good thing that I am not in this for the pay.
I don’t think my students understand how much I love working here.
Although some days, I wish an easy button would appear.
I HAVE to teach them about vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar.
And when I challenge them, I am only concerned about their future.
I WANT to teach them the value of hard work, manners, and kindness,
But these are things one cannot teach but one must express.
Every one of my students has a special place in my heart,
And that is the most important lesson I have to impart. 

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